Build Up Your Career In Corporate Finance Management

Corporate Finance is a broad term that encompasses accounting, banking, investment management, venture capital, development careerplanning, strategic planning, financial services, commercial investment and insurance. If you enter into the career of Corporate Finance, you will be helping your employers in finding money for running and developing their business, managing their assets, acquiring other firms and planning for financial future. Your experience in Corporate Finance will depend upon the complexity and size of the company you are working for, but the job will be relatively stable and will include several benefits including travel, networking opportunities and high salaries.

If you are an undergraduate and want to pursue a career in Corporate Finance, then you will need to take some relevant courses in the field of business like economics and financial management. An internship will also be helpful for you to gauge your interest in the sector and gain a hands-on experience apart from an important value to your resume.

Several firms hire undergraduate students from the college while some provide training programs. If you develop a good relationship with your manager there, you have all the chances of being recruited there. If you have significant experience in the field of investment banking, then also you can be hired at a company’s Corporate Finance development position. An advanced certification or degree can also be helpful for you. If you are looking forward to a senior planning, budgeting or strategic positions, then a CFA, CPA or MBA is a must.


In addition to all these qualifications, success in the career of Corporate Finance requires strong mathematical prowess, business acumen, critical thinking and problem solving ability and adaptability. Because success is dependent upon exactitude, you have more chances if you are a detail-oriented person.

While going for an interview, be prepared to showcase your computer skills including fluency in VBA macros, Excel, Bloomberg and Reuter’s stations. Also do some research and find out what is going on in the firm you are going for an interview with and also the industry. The best way of getting a job is through on-campus recruiting.

If you are lucky enough to get an interview appointment, be sure to stress your analytical and quantitative abilities and also your communication skills. If you gain all these qualifications and showcase all these abilities in your interview, you will surely get a permanent job in the field of Corporate Finance.

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